Leigh Cameron in his workshop © Justin Piperger

Leigh Cameron in his workshop © Justin Piperger

Leigh Cameron and creative concrete innovation


What needs to be there?

Leigh’s interest in space and what needs to be there, values as much the space around an object as the object itself, creating a balance and in turn a sense of place. Through a coalescence of proportion, light and space he creates simplicity and honesty with the materials used. 


Concrete dominates our vision across the world

Leigh’s work explores concrete and the possibility of radically changing our perception. Working with an age-old material in an innovatory manner to develop and explore the proletariat tacit information hidden in a 2000 year history. Developing a new context and aesthetic dialogue, considering concrete as a material; investigating its diversity, structural strengths and limitations; its weight, adaptability and content. Exploring texture, colour, shape and ultimately the relationship to other materials.  



How do the strengths of one material facilitate another?

This ontology and innovative approach to push the boundaries of concrete as a material, delivers a tactile concrete on a more intimate scale, allowing the design of forms that contain architectural references, functional volumes and shapes whilst offering a more fluid language for objects.

Leigh Cameron has opened up a hole new dialogue around concrete. this holistic approach has made us reconsider our perceptions. this emotive material has been repositioned as a contender for the modern world and as a lifestyle choice. Making concrete more assessable and acceptable. He has developed and refined skills around concrete and delivers an honesty and simplicity to the use of concrete in a contemporary context.